We have seen many of the classic Synths in our Lab to fix them and so far we fixed them all

Below you will find a selection of Synths in the priority of quantities received so far (highest numbers first) for repair and moding (e.g. Midi Interfaces).
Sometimes, we get Synths that get to expensive for a risky repair and if customers leave them with us, we will still try to repair them and learn from (mostly) rotten, dirty, old instruments. Till now, we got them all back... just don't ask about the cost & time ... (Ensoniq ESQ1, Waldorfe Q, Novation Bass Station Rack)

Roland JUNO-60

A classic and along with the JUNO-6 often received for getting it back to shine.
It seems that presently, maybe because of still affordable prices, it often changes owners. A valuable mod is, to add a Midi Interface (JUNO-66 from tubbutec) that will extend the JUNO's  functionality with new features. If you want to know more, go to our manual area and read the JUNO-66 midi manual. Faders are a main problem area. We can give each fader a full restoration treat to get them back to smooth operation (not just spraying around with all kinds of chemicals that make things even worse after a short while...) Here you can find an interesting fader report, worth reading.


Interesting Synth, rather unusual construction with its "rubber" side walls and the exotic "compartment walls" on the front panel. The main electronics of the Synth engine is fine and with the latests SW update from Bob Grieb, it's even better. Apart from that, the front panel electronics/power supply is not rely well designed and it is a nasty source of unnecessary noise and hum that degrades the audio output substantially. We investigated this in detail and provide this mod exclusively. Apart from that, adding  Bob's Midi interface is definitely something you should consider, if your unit doesn't provide Midi.