Service, Repair, Mods  >>>  get it from professionals that care

NEW >>>  we provide Erica's Synth Service and warranty Point for Switzerland
as pro audio-electronic-engineers,  we can help if others can't
 as musicians, we care about your instruments

Everyday pics from our repair lab

Space Echoes (and others...)

we'v fixed them all, roughly one unit/month for service, adjustment & repair (rep parts echofix)

Oberheim Matrix-12

an oberheim flagshipp we spent many hours to get it back to glory (repair, new PWR & keyboard)

Prophet T8

fully restored/adjusted keybed with poly aftertouch replacement and panel switch repair

Roland JUNO-6 / 60 / 106

We know every component inside the JUNO series and bring them back with midi as well

Fostex B-16 1/2" tape recorder

totally worn out tape recorder (mechanics & electronics) restored to original specs

Roland CR-78

fully destroyed main PCB by battery acid! Restored to mint condition and fully working

analog wizard... being a digital lizard too
The lizard tarrotarro gave people the ability to express themselves in art (wikipedia)


meanwhile "vintage" but much in use... we fixed 3 MDs during 2021 and got them back to work

EVENTIDE H3000 >> H3500

we got a shaky H3000 & turned it into a perfect  H3500 without annoyingly humming case :-)

Waldorf Q

Very tricky PWR Supply problems solved and heat dissipation optimized for many years to come

AVALONE AD2055 / AD2044

good example of highest-end studio gear that we have the knowledge to repair and get the parts for

DX7II and DX7 restoration

Not working properly? Switch replacement? Battery replacement? Power supply?

Oberheim DX Drum

Fader repair, voice repair & we can change any voice sample to add custom (individual) sounds

your professional repair service in Switzerland

whatever vintage synth, audio equipment or tape recorder you may have that needs service, repair or a special mod 4more versatility of your gear... we will do.
in our pro equipped electronic lab, we will deal with any task you request. Call or email to make an appointment (inform us prior to send in any equipment)