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Recent pictures from our repair lab

Roland Space Echoes

we get roughly one unit/month for tape path service, adjustment & repair (e.g. spring reverb)

OSCar (Oxford Synthesizer Company)
one of about 1800 build OsCars that shines again (new switches, enhanced MIDI, new SW, de-noised...)
Polivoks russian power

adding MIDI, fix any tuning issues & mod the filter tune pot for perfect sweet spot control

Jupiter 6 enhancements

Get the modulation button fixed with new contact coating & add wide range LFO

Roland CR-68

MIDI interface mod & any other repair/mod you may need

Fostex B-16 1/2" tape recorder

totally worn out tape recorder (mechanics & electric) restored to working specs

analog wizard... being a digital lizard too
The lizard tarrotarro gave people the ability to express themselves in art (wikipedia)

Oberheim DX Drum

Fader repair, voice repair & we can change any voice sample to add custom (individual) sounds

Audient ASP8024 in-line Module

replacing all LED bars and repairing a broken in-line channel PCB

Eventide H3000 Harmonizer

Recaping the main PCB, checking power supply and overall specs. 

TC D-TWO rack delaayyy

Get a defective display fixed with our original replacement part from TC

DX7II and DX7 restoration

Not working any more? Switch replacement? Battery replacement? Power supply?

Roland TR-606

Need more punch on the BD? No problem we will fix it

your professional repair service in Switzerland

what ever vintage synth, audio equipment or tape recorder you may have that needs service, repair or a special mod to extend the versatility of your gear... just get in
touch. Our professionally equipped service lab will deal with any task you request. Call or email to make an appointment (inform us prior to send in any equipment)