Roland RE-201 (the most popular)

The first space echoes from Roland where launched about 1973 (RE-100/RE-200). But the RE-201, launched about a year later is our most received tape based echo unit (one every 6-8 weeks). They mostly need a tape path service, a tape chance and electronic adjustments to bring back the original distinct sound. We use tape and service parts from our Australia friends at echo fix. So far, we have seen every kind of defects, deteriorations, misalignments and difficult to find faults. We have many spare parts on stock and the right tools to replace motor bearings, motor speed sensors and adjust everything back to factory specifications. And... we also fix the original reverb tank that often suffers due to mechanical ageing problems. Need an Offer?

Roland RE-301 (with added chorus)

The RE-301 came out 1977 with slightly different electronics to the 201 but still very similar sounding in basic tape echo modes. But it added a very nice chorus mode (BBD based) and a sound on sound feature, adding an additional playback head just at the end of the full tape length! This provides for extreeemely long delay times... rather experimental stuff. A great mod is to get the S-on-S signal out permanently on a separate jack and use/mix it externally by processing the very long delayed signal e.g. with long and lush reverbs/harmonizer to create a "moving" background drone sound mixed back in. The original reverb tank suffers from same ageing degradation as the 201 but will be fixed by us like for the RE-201. Need an Offer?

Roland RE-501 (with noise reduction)

This unit was a further variant of the RE-301, providing the same functionality but the tape path electronics was "enhanced" by a compression/expansion processor to get better tech. specs. regarding tape hiss and saturation. But at the same time, this affects the overall sound and regeneration behaviour substantially. The RE-501 will create its own, still great echo moods, but will clearly differ in sound compared to a 201/301. Reverb tank suffers the same problems as the above Space Echos. Sound on Sound differs from the 301 as it is no longer at the end of the full tape length but just a longer distance away from the standard 3 position playback heads. Thus, again is totally different compared to the RE-301. Need an Offer?

BINSON the "drum" echo o o o   .

the vintage range of BINSON echo units where built around a metal drum instead of a tape loop to record and play back audio. The picture shows (from L2R) the record head and 4 playback heads all evenly spread. We fully restored this 60-year old unit (picture). Inside, most of the wire insulation was falling of, creating short circuits, blowing  of components. The rubber parts needed to be restored as well and the big drum got a new polish to get it back to former performance. On request, we send you an audio file showing the progress sound-wise from first audio tests with repaired electronics, till we finished with all the mechanical parts involved. Need an Offer?

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